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There are several ways we can partner to create your private label line. 

Here are the options we offer:

  1. Stock Line with Label: Choose from our tried-and-true stock line link and wrap a label with your logo on our product. This is the least expensive and quickest way to get started branding your own line. We can help with your labeling needs link or we can ship your products ready for you to label.

    • Minimum Order: 12-24 (most products)​​

    • Lead Time: 2-10 Days

  2. Stock Line with Screen Print: Select from our stock line link and we will have the containers (yours or ours) screen printed for you with your company’s information. We work with several local companies who print small runs (100 pieces of the same container and color logo). This process is more expensive because of the initial set up costs for printing and the investment in your containers. 

    • Minimum Order: 24 per product and shade. Subject to change based on container size.

    • Lead Time: 4-8 weeks once artwork is approved.

  3. Our Formulas with Specialized Ingredients: Make one of our formulas your own link. Select from a full range of ingredients and add a few to one of our proven formulas. Someone from our development team will help you select compatible ingredients to achieve your product goals. 

    • Minimum Order: 72 per shade. Sample size containers may require larger minimums.

    • Lead Time: 12-48 weeks. Subject to increase if we are screen printing your containers or your. Once the scope of your product is established, we will provide a firm lead time.

  4. Create your own Custom Formula: Collaborate with our seasoned formulation team to create your unique formula link. This process is more expensive, but well worth it! You and one of our formulators will create your own one-of-a-kind product. Once we understand the scope of your product, we will work with you to develop your own one-of-a-find product.

    • Minimum Order: Powder 3-5 lbs. per shade.  Liquid 1-3 gallons per shade.

    • Lead Time: 48 – 72 weeks.


Filling and Packaging: If you need help choosing your containers or designing your label, we can help. This process can take as long as formulating your products, sometimes even longer. If you are using your own packaging, you want to be certain the products we create for you are compatible with the containers you have selected link.


Most clients start out with the Stock Line option and then jump to the Stock Line with Screen Print option. Many clients will jump ahead adding a few ingredients to our formulas. Others will create their own unique line. These clients are brands you would recognize in boutiques, on Amazon, at Sephora, and other retail stores throughout the world. We will never tell who they are because of our promise to you, non-disclosure.

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