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  • Is there a minimum for a custom formulation?
    Yes. For liquid formulas, the minimum order quantity for custom formulations is three gallons per color. For powder formulas, the minimum quantity is 500 pressed foundation, eye shadow or blush per shade. You may purchase your products in bulk, or we can fill your containers, for a fee.
  • What the lead-time for manufacturing a custom product?
    In most cases, a six-week lead-time is required. Some formulations require more time because of ingredients or complexity. Once we have all the components required for your project onsite and the deposit is paid, we will begin production.
  • What are your return policies?
    We do not provide returns for custom formulation orders.
  • Can we supply our own containers, caps, labels, silk screening, retail boxing, etc.?"
    Yes! If you would like to supply your own containers, we will store and fill them for you, for a fee. If you prefer to use our packaging, we have a small selection of stock packaging to choose from, or we can provide assistance with custom packaging.
  • Can you recreate a product I like?
    We will not be able to create an exact copy, but we can get very close to replicating existing products. You will be asked to provide us with a full-size sample, along with the product’s ingredient list. The fee for this service will be based on the ingredients and formulation required. It may take between six months and a year to complete the process, depending on the complexity of the formula.
  • Once a custom formula has been developed, who owns it?"
    Demaur Cosmetics will retain ownership of any formula we develop. The cost to purchase the formula will be determined after the formula has been approved.
  • Will my custom formula be manufactured for someone else?
    No. We will only manufacture custom formulas for the customer who commissioned and/or owns the formula.
  • How soon can you provide samples?
    We can typically provide samples in four to six weeks from payment. If the formula is a complex one, it will require additional time.
  • How much does it cost to have a formulation and prototype created?
    R&D fees vary based on the project. Custom formulation and prototyping costs begin at: • $2100 for custom formulation (up to 3 rounds of prototypes for your approval) • $500 for semi-customizing our stock formulas (up to 3 rounds of prototypes for your approval)
  • How much does it cost to match a color we provide?
    Prices vary depending on the ingredients required for the product and the color. We will be happy to provide an estimate for you. For reference, lab fees start at $150 an hour, and we will provide up to three rounds of product sampling for your approval. Some products may require raw materials that we do not keep in stock. If necessary, Demaur Cosmetics will order samples of ingredients required to manufacture your color. All materials will be invoiced based on the fees incurred to obtain them. Please keep in mind that most of the products we manufacture are not chemically based.
  • Can you provide an estimate before I start the custom product formulation process?
    Yes, we can give you an estimate—however, there are many factors that may cause your product price to be higher than estimated. This is the nature of custom formulation. Please allow up to 10% price difference. We will give you a firm price for your approval after the packaging and product formulation has been submitted.
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